The Symposium took place at the Rimrock Resort Hotel, Banff, Alberta from 4th - 6th October 2016


Purpose of the symposium

To connect academia and industry to bridge the innovation gap in egg utilization

  • To understand market needs and opportunities that can be addressed through effective research and utilization of egg components
  • To learn about new innovations in science relevant to egg utilization
  • To learn about opportunities and constraints facing industry in marketing egg or egg-derived health products
  • To develop shared views which will provide a future road map for scientists, managers, and entrepreneurs to ensure the progressive use of the egg's value. Benefits to participants
  • To learn about the newest developments in egg utilisation research
  • To learn about market trends and opportunities in egg utilisation
  • To hear about current innovative technologies with the potential for commercialisation
  • To network and develop collaborations and partnerships
  • To learn about open innovations and technology development process and hear about companies that apply these tools to improve their market competitiveness


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